4-H Arts and Communication

Communication & Performing Arts Festival

We hope that you join us for the annual Racine County 4-H Communication & Performing Arts Festival!

Do you want to know what you will be judged on? View the critique sheets:

Project Goals

The Arts and Communications project covers a large variety of activities that help youth learn to express themselves in a variety of ways, including speeches, written communication, dance, music, and drama in 4-H performing arts.

Key Terms/Project Areas

Clowning- projects may include: costume and make-up, skits, gags, posters, make-up kit, and balloon art
Creative Writing
Drama- projects may include: costumes, video of a performance, and creating a script
Drawing and Painting
Home Environment- projects include anything that decorates the home
Knitting and Crocheting
Music- projects may include: posters on instruments, composers, or musical notation, performaces recorded on a CD or DVD, and scrapbook of musical performance opportunities
Puppetry- projects may include: hand puppets, marionettes, and plays
Speaking and Demonstrations
Special Design- projects may include: cloth designs, jewelry/medal work, paperart, nature art, sculptures, 3-D pictures, and stitchery

4-H Arts in Wisconsin

Check out the National 4-H Curriculum and online pieces for more information on your project.

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