Positive Solutions for Families Workshop Series

Extension Racine County in partnership with Racine Unified School District will be offering the Positive Solutions workshop series for parents and caregivers of young children ages birth to 5 years old. The workshops help parents of young children learn strategies to promote positive behavior. Parents attend six workshops that focus on different topics each week. Children are invited to participate in child activities in a child care setting during the workshops. Workshops are free and include a light meal. Upcoming workshops will be held at:

  • Workshops will be held in the 2021-22 school year and will be announced in early fall 2021. Check back for details.

For more information, please see the flyer Positive Solutions flyer Racine Child Development Center – Summer

Early Learning Series Workshops

Workshops on a variety of topics such as mealtime, bedtime, potty training, challenging behaviors, crying, etc., are provided free to parents and at a minimal cost to child care providers or those needing verification of attendance.

Parenting Newsletters

Extension Racine County offers parents and caregivers of young children two great parenting newsletters. Both are free!

Just in Time Parenting Newsletter

  • For parents and caregivers of children ages birth to 5 years old.
  • Free monthly newsletters available in English and Spanish.
  • The newsletter will be emailed directly to you each month.
  • Register today to receive the free monthly newsletter that corresponds with your child’s age, register on-line at
  • You will receive monthly e-mails with the age-paced newsletter specific to the age of your child.

Parenting the Preschooler 

Preschoolers have a big job to do – growing up and preparing for kindergarten. As a parent and caregiver, you are your child’s most important teacher and supporter. Parenting the Preschooler has a series of fact sheets that will help you learn about what toddlers go through developmentally, show how you can help with confidence and love, and teach you how to stay connected to a rapidly growing and changing child.

Other Parenting Resources and Newsletters


Raising A Thinking Child

Raising a Thinking Child (RTC) is an Evidence-Based parenting program for parents of children 4 to 7 years, that was developed and researched by Myrna Shure. RTC has demonstrated effectiveness in developing interpersonal cognitive problem solving skills in young children, improving parenting skills and parent-child communication, and in decreasing both impulsive and inhibited behaviors in young children. RTC has been listed as a model evidence-based program on the Strengthening America’s Families and the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention model programs websites.

Racine County UW-Extension offers the 8-week course to interested groups. Contact the Racine County UW-Extension office for more information.

Listen to The Larry Meiller Show discuss Teaching Children How to Problem Solve

Strengthening Families Age 10-14 Program

Strengthening Families is a family-focused program for youth ages 10 to 14 years old and their parents. The goal is to reduce substance use and behavior problems in youth during their teen years. The program was conducted as a part of the U.S.D.A.’s Children, Youth, and Families At Risk (CYFAR) Project, a grant to expand outreach to Hispanic youth and families in Burlington. Strengthening Families is an evidence-based program that has been recognized as an exemplary prevention program by the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention, National Institute of Drug Abuse, Department of Education, and the Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration. Racine County UW-Extension offers the 7-week program to interested groups.

Strengthening Families – Racine Fall 2013                               Evaluation summary (November 2013)

Strengthening Families – Burlington May 2012                        Evaluation Summary (May 2012)


Grandparenting and Grandparents Raising Grandchildren

Wisconsin and National resources, plus a variety of publications

Balancing Work and Caregiving of Older Persons

Most persons who care for an elderly family member continue to work at their job. This website addresses some of the balancing issues.

Creating Aging-Friendly Communities in Wisconsin

Because people are living longer, it is increasingly more important that communities become “aging-friendly”.

Aging & Disability Resource Center Directory

Resource Directory compiled by the Aging & Disability Resource Center  (ADRC) of Racine County

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