4-H Enrollment

Check out the enrollment video for step by step instructions on how to enroll!

Choose Your Club

You can select a club based on when they meet, where they meet, project leadership in the club, or if you know anyone in the club. Reach out to the contact person listed for more information on each specific club.

Choose Your Projects

Make sure you have an idea of the projects you are thinking about joining!

You can participate in projects for the whole county or projects that your club supports.

Enroll in 4-H Online

4-H Online is a web – based portal to manage 4-H youth and volunteer enrollment. To enroll using 4-H Online you need access to a computer, smart phone, a valid e-mail address, and a web browser.

Attend Your Meeting

Once you enrolled in 4-H Online, you are ready to attend your first meeting! Just check your clubs meeting information and head on over! There is a small dues that must be paid. You can read more about membership below.

Click here to be contacted about your interest in becoming a 4-H member or 4-H volunteer.

Enrollment Resources