Touchpoints Project

The purpose of the Touchpoints Project in Racine County, WI is to strengthen parent-child relationships by connecting with families before and during predictable, difficult periods of disorganization (touchpoints) by:

  • Increasing knowledge of child development (behavioral and emotional) and community resources through multiple channels.
  • Improving relationships among families and family resource providers by using guiding principles and assumptions.
  • Improving linkages among providers and services on behalf of families.

The focus of the project is on workshops and resources for families and professionals to learn about emotional and behavioral development of young children, effective communication tools and community resources.

Touchpoints Approach Training – begins October 18, 2017

The Brazelton Touchpoints Approach is an 16-hour interactive seminar (plus six hours of reflective practice) designed for professionals and volunteers who want to strengthen their work with families by connecting around key points in the development of young children. By helping parents identify and expect bursts and regressions in child behavior (the “touchpoints”), professionals can reduce parental frustration and self-doubt while fostering the parents enjoyment of their child and parenting skills. In the process, the bond between the provider and the family is strengthened.

Participants will:

  • Understand the theories and concepts of the Touchpoints Approach, with emphasis on the developmental and relational elements of parent-child-provider relationships, and their practical applications.
  • Enhance their delivery of support and care to families by using relationship-building strategies and communication tools based on the Touchpoints Approach.
  • Observe and participate in encounters that demonstrate the Touchpoints Approch of collaborative anticipatory guidance.

For more information or to be informed of future training opportunities, call 262-767-2929 or email

Touchpoints Approach 2017 ECE flyer


Family Connections Training – Next Training begins January 31, 2017

The Family Connections curriculum and materials were developed for early care and education staff to gain information, have learning opportunities and discover the critical ways “programs can better understand and respond to the needs of children and families.” The Family Connections training modules were created to promote skills needed in the early care and education field of self-reflection, self-care, and perspective taking.

 The Topics that will be covered in this series:

Module 1—The Benefits and Challenges of Engaging Parents & Perspective Taking

Module 2—The Program Climate and You & Accentuate the Positive

Module 3—Supporting Social Emotional Growth & Strategies for Talking with Children about Difficult Issues & Getting the Most Out of Circle Time

Module 4—Better Communication & Developing a Resource and Referral Process

Module 5—What is Depression?

Family Connections Flyer-2017

Early Care and Education Training Meeting

Each year as a part of the Touchpoints Project, Racine County UW-Extension convenes a meeting of early care and education trainers. Participants consist of trainers, early care and education organizations, representatives of government agencies, and other stakeholders focused on professional development of the early education workforce.

Early Learning Series

Workshops on a variety of topics such as mealtime, bedtime, potty training, challenging behaviors, crying, etc., are provided free to parents and at a minimal cost to child care providers or those needing verification of attendance.

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Children’s Health Passport

  • A booklet with space for parents and health care providers to list aspects of the child’s development at different ages including questions. The passport is distributed to families of newborns through Wheaton Franciscan Health Care – All Saints


The Touchpoints Project is supported by United Way of Racine County (workshops, children’s health passport), Wheaton Franciscan Health Care – All Saints (children’s health passport printing and distribution) in partnership with Racine County and UW-Extension and many local partners providing in-kind support. The Racine County Touchpoints Project is affiliated with the Brazelton Touchpoints Center in Boston.