4-H Projects

A project is simply a topic that you can explore. As you explore a 4-H project, you’ll learn more than just subject matter, you’ll learn life skills, too. These are valuable skills, such as understanding yourself, communicating and working with others, problem solving and decision making . . . skills that you can use the rest of your life!

Project Age Requirements

Cloverbud Project
Members who are in 5K-2nd grade enroll in the Cloverbud project.

Archery/Shooting Sports required ages as of the first project meeting of the current 4-H year:
Air Rifle: 8 and minimum of 3rd grade
Air Pistol: 8 and minimum of 3rd grade
Archery: 8 and minimum of 3rd grade
Shotgun: 12
.22 Rifle: 12
Muzzleloading: 12
.22 Pistol: 14

Small Animal Projects: rabbit, cat, poultry, small animals (hamster, bird, etc.)
3rd grade to be in the project

Large Animal Projects: sheep, goats, swine, beef, dairy, horse, llama, dog
4th grade to be in the project

While a youth can enroll in the above animal projects if they meet the minimum grade levels listed, there may be some project specific age restrictions, in regards to safety at the digression of the project leader, that may limit full participation in the project until that required age is met.

If a project is not listed here, then it is available to a youth to participate in, as long as they are in 3rd grade or above.

Age minimums to exhibit projects at the Racine County Fair may be different than 4-H project age or grade minimums. For example, Racine County Fair exhibitors must be 10 years of age as of January 1 of the fair year to exhibit large animals (i.e. dairy, beef, sheep, swine, goat, horse, llama, or other exotic domesticated animals) and 9 years of age as of January 1 of the fair year to exhibit rabbits and poultry. In addition, some Shooting Sports ages for Racine County Fair exhibition may be different than 4-H ages. For more information, contact the Racine County Fair.

Project Enrollment Changes

4-H participants are responsible for making any project enrollment changes by March 1st of each year. To do so, log into 4HOnline, and update your participant profile. After initial enrollment each year, all requests for changes in project enrollment should first be discussed with the Enrollment Coordinator or General Leader of the 4-H Club.  All changes in project enrollment must be submitted to the Racine County UW-Extension Office by March 1 for the youth to be eligible to exhibit that project at the Racine County Fair as a 4-H member.

Countywide Project Leaders

Below is a list of countywide 4-H projects, meaning there is at least one leader and regular meetings on the county level. This is not a comprehensive list of 4-H project areas. Contact your club general leader for more information on club project leaders.

Click here for a description of all project areas. (Click here for the PDF version to download.)

Countywide Project Countywide Project Leader Countywide Project Leader Email
Dog Dina Parker bolola.dp@gmail.com
Fishing Les Hedrington lahedrington@netscape.com
Goat Brenda Gerou windyoakacres@yahoo.com
Horse Sam Johnson samsamdapizzaman@hotmail.com
Model Rocketry Kelly Krampitz skysthelimit4h@outlook.com
Poultry Gary Rossman gwrossman@yahoo.com
Rabbit Louise Paul lpaul2@wi.rr.com
Remote Controlled Cars Wendy Usher wmucat@gmail.com
Shooting Sports Les Hedrington lahedrington@netscape.com
Woodworking George Henderson geohen@tds.net

Club Project Leaders – To see if there is a Project Leader in your 4-H club for a specific project area, contact your club leader.

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