Early Care and Education Trainers

Early Care and Education Trainers Annual Meeting

Each year as a part of the Touchpoints Project, Racine County UW-Extension convenes a meeting of early care and education trainers. Participants consist of trainers, early care and education organizations, representatives of government agencies, and other stakeholders in the professional development of the early education workforce.


Meeting Scheduled for December 17, 2014 – for more information email uwextension@goracine.org or call 262-767-2929


Meeting Agenda –Early Care & Education Trainers agenda 12-13-2013

Meeting Summary – Early Care & Education Trainers meeting notes 12-13-2013

Presentation of Survey of Early Care and Education Providers 12/13/13 – 2013 survey presentation

Complete Results of Survey of Early Care and Education Providers 12/17/13 Complete survey results rev. 12-17-13

Photos of Flip Chart Introduction 12/13/13 – flip chart photos



Meeting Summary 12/7/2012 – Early Care & Education Trainers meeting summary 12-7-2012 revised


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