March Workshop – What’s in Your Bag of Tricks? Meeting the special needs of children

What’s in your Bag of Tricks? Meeting the special needs of children

Children come into our child care classrooms with a variety of needs. What can we do, as child care teachers, to help a child function across environments and engage with their peers? We need to meet children where they are at… do they need more movement? Can they let you know what they want using signs and maybe not words right away? If a child seems clumsy, can we help that child move better?

Learn techniques that can help children with special  and unique needs thrive in the classroom. From sensory to the classroom environment, we want to give you a “bag of tricks” to try to help the classroom function for all children. The workshop is facilitated by Sheryl Hamilton and Katie Hansen of the Racine County Opportunity Center (RCOC) and Birth to 3 Program.

The workshop will be held on Tuesday, March 5 from 6:30-8:30 PM at the Ives Grove Auditorium in Sturtevant (14200 Washington Ave, Sturtevant, WI 53177). The cost to attend is $10 and registration is required by February 28th.

Please see the flyer, Bag of Tricks Workshop – March 2024