What Makes Your Family Strong Workshop Feb. 28

What makes families strong? Why do some families seem to bounce back after difficult times? Learn how to better support families in times of vulnerability and stress. This workshop is an introduction to the Protective Factors framework that helps parents to find resources, supports, or coping strategies that allow them to parent effectively, even under stress. As a result of the workshop, participants will learn to:

1. Understand the five protective factors that help keep families strong and prevent child abuse and neglect.

2. Identify multiple strategies and everyday actions that help families to build those protective factors.

3. Understand the role of culture and the impact of bias.

Racine County UW-Extension will host the workshop “What Makes Your Family Strong – An Introduction to the Protective Factors.” The workshop will be held on Wednesday, February 28 from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. at the Ives Grove Auditorium in Sturtevant. The cost for the workshop is $10 for those participants requesting Registry credits. The workshop is free for those not requesting credit. The registration deadline is February 21.

This workshop is a part of the Early Learning Series for child care providers, early care educators, parents, grandparents, foster parents, and other caregivers of young children.

For more information, please see the flyer Introduction to the Protective Factors or contact 262-767-2916.