Racine Kenosha Master Gardener Project Information

Project Criteria:

  1. Visibility – promotes (or gives credit to) Master Gardener program and UW-Extension
  2. Educational for the public
  3. Benefits the general public (non-profit)
  4. Must have Master Gardener coordinator and/or interest by Master Gardeners
  5. Annual project report must be submitted by October 1st; form for annual report.

Application form for new project requests are due by Oct. 1st in the year prior to establishing the project. 2019MGVNewProjectRequestForm

Definitions of Project Categories

Projects – Any project that meets project guidelines and has been approved for the current year by the Horticulture Educator.

Support Services Office, clerical and committee work that supports UW-Extension horticulture services.

Single Event – One-time event that meets applicable project guidelines. The event must have a request form   (Presentation Request Form or  Presentation Request Form) filled out and consent given by Horticulture Educator.

Plant Health Advisors
Horticulture Helpline, Racine and Kenosha County offices – answer home gardening questions and concerns using UW-Extension research based information.

Outreach Sites (i.e., Kenosha Harbor Market) – Answer gardening questions at information booths using UW-Extension reference materials provided, includes set up and take down of booth.